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Demonstrate your expertise in geoAMPS products.

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Course Structure

The geoAMPS team has worked with industry experts to design a certification course to both affirm and challenge your knowledge of the geoAMPS Web platform.

  • Six-month course with live, interactive webinars every two weeks
  • Webinars focus on lecture, demos and hands-on learning
  • Quizzes between webinar sessions to test what you learned
  • Study guides and recordings of each webinar session provided
  • Access to a sandbox environment to practice
  • Exam that combines multiple-choice questions and exercises completed in the application
  • Final grade a combination of quiz completion and score on final exam
geoAMPS Webinars

Who Can Enroll

Any user, regardless of user role, can sign up for the course. Whether you’re a survey agent, title agent, property acquisition agent or system administrator you can enroll in the course to gain a comprehensive understanding of all geoAMPS Web functionality. With a geoAMPS certification, you become certified in all aspects of the Web product, beyond what is required for each specific job/role assignment in geoAMPS.

To enroll in the General certification course, you must have at least 6 month’s experience using the geoAMPS Web product. Once you obtain your general certification, you can sign up for add-on certifications, including Admin (must have at least 12 month’s experience in geoAMPS), GIS, Mobile, Lease Manager and more.

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Why Enroll

A geoAMPS certification demonstrates your proficiency in using our software and gives you a competitive edge in any company that uses our products. You’ll be listed on our Certified Professional Registry, and will have access to an exclusive certification badge to update your LinkedIn profile.

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