Increase Revenue.

The geoAMPS software products increase speed of project completion which gives our clients a quicker time to market and creates faster revenue sources.

RowAMPS Real-Time Project Metrics

Decrease Costs.

Our software reduces business processes which results in shorter project timelines and less redundant corporate activities for land acquisition and project management.

We recommend geoAMPS cloud hosting for decreasing operation costs for hardware, third-party software licenses, installation, maintenance and support fees.

Improve Operational Efficiency.

GeoAMPS Mobile GIS on iPhone
Connect Entire Organization

We have eliminated the need for paperwork and manual business processes. By migrating historical data your entire organization can be connected with one central database. Security is role-based, which means users only have access to documents they need.

Mobile Access to Data

Your field agents can access our central database on their laptop, smartphone or tablet to receive project notifications, access documents and add project notes. Our Detached Platform allows agents to continue working in the field without Internet connection.

Business Analytics

We automate project reports to staff, management and internal customers. Our GIS map integration lets you evaluate alternative alignments, access statewide parcel information, and track project statuses with GIS Map Visualization.

Best in Class Team.

Our team of experts brings years of land rights and infrastructure management experience to every geoAMPS client.

We are consistently applauded for our dedicated customer service, available 7 days a week. Call, email, or reach out on social media.

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